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Jan 29 2 mins

Why learn Data Science in 2020?

“Why now? Can I really build a career in this field?

Data Science. Big Data. Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. These are all powerful pairs of words. Let’s see with real studies, numbers, and images why you should consider learning about any of them.

Why learn Data Science or Machine Learning?

Data Science has been defined as ‘The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ by Harvard Business Review. Glassdoor, a world-known website for job seeking, ranked Data Science as the best job in America for 2019. Bloomberg regards Data Scientists as the new Superheroes.

Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers; all of these titles have two things in common: they are some of the most attractive professions at the moment, and they all imply dealing with Data.

The demand

These are roles whose demand has greatly increased in the recent years, and most likely will only continue to do so, like shown in the following figure.

With such a high demand for these kinds of players, people with enough knowledge in one of these fields can find job opportunities across a wide number of industries.

Interested in the energy market? Every known company in the sector is looking for data-driven profiles to improve their decision making and process efficiency.

Enjoy consultancy? All the big firms (e.g. Mckinsey, Bain, BCG) are recruiting Data Scientists and Data Engineers to help their clients make use of their data.

Would like to work in a tech company? Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, are all seeking more and more Data Wizards.”

The article: Why learn Data Science in 2020?


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