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Dec 6 2019 < 1

Why APIs are the key to effective UK government digital transformation

“The Government Digital Service (GDS) has made significant progress on making public services better through more effective use of digital technology and data. However, a recent parliamentary report warns of a loss of momentum when it comes to its implementation, due in part to persistent challenges around data sharing and legacy systems.

As the GDS works to regain the initiative and bring citizens and the public sector closer together, an effective API strategy will be critical, which is perhaps why the GDS recently unveiled a new API Catalogue. When implemented effectively, APIs can expose useful data and package it up for reuse across central and local government systems to improve citizen experiences, deliver public services more effectively, and maximise the use of taxpayers’ money.

Government transformation

The GDS was launched in 2011 with a core mission to save money, centralise information and improve the user experience for citizens. However, three years ago, it was updated to incorporate the ambitious Government Transformation Strategy, which encouraged  technological innovation to make government organisations more agile and responsive to citizens’ needs.”

The article: Why APIs are the key to effective UK government digital transformation

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