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What Skills New and Seasoned Data Scientists should learn in 2020

“Every job sector is transforming in this technology driven economy and Data Science is no exception. For those in data science, we have some good news: Demand for data scientists is fast growing and 2020 is expected to become the year of innovative technologies in this field.

The year 2019, saw the demand for data scientists rise exponentially compared to other technology professionals. As these figures suggest, being a data scientist is the coolest gig out there and skill development is the best option for every professional.

Reskilling and upskilling is critical for those in the data science field to stay ahead of the game and become competitive. At the same time, adequate preparation and learning developer tools is vital for data scientists as the industry evolves. As a principal data scientist at Galvanize and with industry experience, I would say this: Adopt diverse working approaches and learn the right tools to prepare for changes in data science as we head into the future.

Before we begin, think about this question: As a data scientist, what are my current skill sets, and what areas need my attention in 2020 to become better? Let’s review some hands-on skills you need to succeed as a data scientist in 2020.”

The article: What Skills New and Seasoned Data Scientists should learn in 2020


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