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What is Business Process Management? (infographic)


what is business process managementIf you’re like many businesses, you probably do things the same way because that’s how you learned to do things. It’s a process that works, your people understand what’s required of them, and you don’t want to invest the time, effort, and resources to fix something that isn’t broken.

We get it. But there are also some other considerations, which are sometimes referred to as business process management. These are a way of focusing on your longer-term, big-picture goals and aligning them with the day-to-day through observation, mapping, strategy, and technology. You might have something in automation or execution that you know needs improvement, but you’re not sure how to go about doing that. That’s where business process management comes in. It’s also a way of empowering your team in order to solve things, even when they aren’t sure. What does it look like? This graphic offers some insights.


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