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Digital Transformation Facts #7

1. Multi experience Development Platform (MXDP) 2023 Forecast – “By 2023, more than 25% of the mobile apps, progressive web apps and conversational apps at large enterprises will be built and/or run through a multi-experience development platform (MXDP).”

2. Artificial Intelligence 2030 Forecast – “AI has the potential to deliver around $13 trillion in additional global economic activity by 2030. This is 16% higher cumulative GDP compared to September 2018.” 3. Jobs Automation USA 2035 Forecast – “By the mid-2030s 38% of all US jobs will have the potential for automation. This includes 53% of manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade (51%), construction (34%), human health and social work (28%), and education (12%).”

4. Cash Payments 2022 Forecast – “By 2022, just 17% of global payments will be made by cash.”

5. The potential of the China finance internet investment 2021 Forecast – “The amount of consumer finance available through the internet will more than double, to 19 trillion yuan, by 2021, from 7.8 trillion yuan in 2018.”

6. Worldwide spending on DX 2022 Forecast – “Worldwide spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation will reach nearly $2 trillion in 2022.”

7. DX Investments 2020 Forecast – “By 2020, 30% of G2000 companies will have allocated capital budget equal to at least 10% of revenue to fuel their digital strategies.”

8. Robots as a service (RaaS) Technology Trend 2026 Prediction – “Robots as a service (RaaS) is growing rapidly. There will be 1.3 million installations of RaaS by 2026 generating $34 billion in revenue.”

9. The global offshoring IT services spending market 2022 Projection – “Driven by DX adoption, the global offshoring IT services spending market is projected to expand from $74 billion in 2017 to $107 billion by 2022, translating into a CAGR of approximately 7.5%.”

10. Utility 4.0 – Impact of IIoT on the Global Power Industry 2018-2025 Forecast – “The increasing prevalence of the digital enabler in power generation, Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT), is accelerating revenues from $0.94 billion in 2018 to an anticipated $2.87 billion by 2025, growing at a strong CAGR of 17.4%.”