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Dec 10 2019 < 1

UC roundtable part 1: Digital transformation, CX and MSPs

“In the first part of our coverage of the MicroScope roundtable covering unified communications and collaboration the discussion centres on the current market landscape and the increasing interest from MSPs.

The unified communications (UC) and collaboration space is a growth market for the channel, with plenty of customers looking at technology as a means of improving their internal operations as well as increasing the quality of the customer experience they deliver.

Although it’s clear that this provides a wealth of opportunities for the channel, there are still discussion points around just what makes a compelling sales pitch. There are also historical issues, with comms and data being purchased by separate buyers and often sold by different types of resellers.

Research carried out by TechTarget indicates that this is broadly a market split between those who are looking at cloud, contact centres and comms as budget-neutral or a chance to save costs, and those who are using unified comms to generate more long-term return on investment (ROI) benefits, plus more channels to communicate.”

The article: UC roundtable part 1: Digital transformation, CX and MSPs


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