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Nov 11 2019 < 1

Transformation without transgression

“Digital transformation can mean different things to different people. As our main feature this month highlights, some organisations embark on the journey of transformation, only to discover that the waypoints revealed are not quite what they thought. This is not only a common experience, but one that is foretold by analysts and advisors, and not to be feared. Listen to the data, is one axiom that many consultants insist upon, and if the data suggests something other than what was expected, it can lead to additional soul searching for an organisation, over and above the need to transform.

However, at the core of digital transformation for most organisations is a common approach of hybrid systems, cloud integration and organisation-wide analytics to enable the journey. Decisions this month, asks how that can be achieved without increasing complexity or being led down blind alleys. The nature of transformation for an organisation may depend on who leads it. Research by Constellation Research last year found that increasingly CIOs and CDOs are leading the charge, but that CEOs are well in there too. Which one leads appears to be determined mainly by organisation size.”

The article: Transformation without transgression


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