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Top 7 HR trends for 2020 and beyond: The change decade

“Because HR requires a balance between the needs of the organization with the needs of employees, it’s always been a balancing act. In 2020, that’s only going to get more complex.

For anyone in HR, “buckle up” is pretty good advice. The 2020s promise to be a wild ride.

Modern business operations, workforce demographics and the technology landscape are transforming at what can feel like a dizzying pace, and they all affect HR trends in 2020 and beyond. Administrative duties are still a reality, but HR has an increasingly strategic role to tackle. For those who love the excitement of hard challenges and new opportunities, it’s a great time to be in HR.

To help put some of these powerful shifts into perspective, here’s a look at seven of the most important HR trends for 2020 and beyond.

A killer employee experience strategy is a must.

Just a few years ago, if business and HR leaders talked about job satisfaction, they used the term employee engagement, which denotes how motivated employees are in carrying out their jobs. Employee engagement conjured up images of surveys and perks, and a somewhat narrow view of job satisfaction measurement. But as the economy improved and workers had more job opportunities, business leaders and HR teams were forced to rethink what their workers wanted.”

The article: Top 7 HR trends for 2020 and beyond: The change decade


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