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Top 7 digital transformation trends shaping 2020

“All digital business transformations must begin and end with improving the stakeholder experience in mind. Company stakeholders are employees, customers, partners, and the communities that we serve. Nearly every CIO is actively involved in digital transformation projects, according to MuleSoft’s Connectivity Benchmark survey.  

Ninety-seven percent of IT decision-makers are tasked with using a combination of new technologies to modernize legacy processes and to identify and implement new business model innovation opportunities. How do these IT leaders scope transformational projects? What are business drivers behind their investment thesis? What are the near-term and long-term business benefits of digital transformation? The research outlines the most timely trends for 2020 and explores their business impact.  

The 7 trends experts forecast for 2020 was developed using data from over 850 global IT leaders, 9,000 consumers, and third-party findings. The research identifies case studies of each trend highlighting how CIOs of leading global companies are starting — or already driving — these trends.”

The article: Top 7 digital transformation trends shaping 2020


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