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Top 20 free Data Science, ML and AI MOOCs on the Internet

“Formal education in the 21st century has transformed into a choice instead of a mandatory step in life. With the internet boom and the rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), one can opt for learning data science online and avoid the burden of student debt. Statistics show that eLearning enables students to learn 5x more material for every hour of training. The benefits of online learning are limitless — from the cost-cutting aspect to the flexible schedule and environment.

The democratization of Data Science

It’s the year 2020, and data science is more democratized than ever. This means any individual can do data science with little to no expertise, as long as the proper tools and a substantial amount of data are provided. As data drenched every part of the industry, possessing the skills of data scientists will be imperative, as it engenders a workforce that speaks the language of data.

With this in mind, by utilizing online courses, it is feasible for a complete beginner to start pursuing data science. All it takes is a properly structured learning curriculum, the right methodology to learning (Ultralearning), motivation and passion to persevere and side hustles/projects.”

The article: Top 20 free Data Science, ML and AI MOOCs on the Internet


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