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Oct 15 2019 < 1

Three Horizons That Will Help You Embrace Digital Transformation

What happens if you don’t embark on the digital transformation journey? Can you apply the Three Horizons of Innovation to digital transformation? And what role does intelligent ERP play in this process? Find out in this blog and in a webinar featuring IDC research analyst and digital transformation expert Danielle Hernandez. Digital transformation is becoming an ever-growing priority on every CXO’s agenda. By embarking on the digital transformation journey, organizations make use of the growing benefits that digital innovation has to offer. Embracing digital and becoming an intelligent enterprise allows organizations to transform data into action. It enables operations, finance, digital security, technology, and supply chain to collaborate and respond to the real-time needs of the ecosystem with digital products, services, and exceptional experiences.”

The article: Three Horizons That Will Help You Embrace Digital Transformation

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