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Nov 7 2019 2 mins

Thoroughly Modern: What To Pack For The Digital Transformation Journey

“Welcome to a new column called Thoroughly Modern. The name is meant to convey the idea that we need to define the desired – if ever-evolving – end state of our businesses and the people, processes, and programs that encapsulate how everything works when we get there.

It is a given that everyone understands that digital transformation is sweeping every industry, with incumbents being challenged by upstarts – and each other – as they try to create new and better ways to provide products and services to customers in a modern, digital world. We accept this as a first principle in 2019, and there is no point in elaborating further on the fact that digital transformation is the number one priority at companies today.

Fresche Solutions, the sponsor of this column, wants to help get as many IBM i shops on their journeys through application and database modernization – key aspects of digital transformation but by no means all that needs to be done to embrace the concepts and technologies that the most advanced companies on the planet have created or acquired. Through many years of engagements, Fresche has had the opportunity to touch on everything from developing strategies and aligning IT initiatives with business objectives to fully-blown transformation projects that convert code and data, bring in new architectures and the many approaches taken by clients of all sizes for projects that let them take advantage of modern or emerging technologies. This column shares real stories, lessons learned and brings in the voice of experts on key topics that surround this emerging digital transformation journey.

The article: Thoroughly Modern: What To Pack For The Digital Transformation Journey


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