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Jan 31 2019 < 1

The State of Digital Transformation in 2018-2019

“Now in its fifth year, our annual “State of Digital Transformation” research continues to document the constantly evolving enterprise. As disruptive technologies and their impact on organizations and markets continue to progress, our research aims to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern digital transformation. In 2019, strategic digital transformation is only becoming more pervasive moving beyond IT to impact competitiveness throughout the organization. Budgets are soaring. The list of disruptive technologies on the radar of stakeholders is expanding. Ownership is moving to the C-Suite and managed by cross-functional, collaborative groups. Customer experience (CX) continues to lead digital transformation investments, but as we observed in 2017, employee experience and organizational culture are also rising in importance to empower and accelerate change, growth, and innovation.

The fifth annual report about the state of “Digital Transformation” by Brian Solis, a well-known influencer in the field. Positioned around his 6 Stages of DX digital maturity blueprint, the free report presents findings from a survey done with 554 professionals (digital startegists and executive-level leaders) from brands, consulting firms and other organizations with at least 1,000 employees and across North America, Europe (UK, France & Germany) and China.

The article: The State of Digital Transformation in 2018-2019


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