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Nov 13 2019 < 1

The Role of Containers in Business Transformation

“Containers hold new promise for business and digital transformation. Yet many differences exist between monitoring containers and monitoring other elements of infrastructure, such as VMs, storage, memory and compute. Understanding those differences is vital for ITOps managers as they navigate their businesses’ digital transformation.

Interestingly, the differences are as much technical as they are organizational. Companies need to explore these differences and consider questions such as, how to ensure that a container-based project performs when it goes into production, and what changes you must make to infrastructure to ensure you have enough compute and storage power to support the containerized applications your development team is going to launch. The essence of container management is to be prepared for the changes coming from application development, which means understanding resource and infrastructure as it is today to estimate the effect of those changes tomorrow.

Here are four differences ITOps managers need to consider with container management as they move their digital transformation journeys forward.”

The article: The Role of Containers in Business Transformation


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