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Dec 24 2019 < 1

The future of AI is collaborative

“AI is becoming increasingly widespread, affecting all facets of society — even Sonic drive-ins are planning to implement artificial intelligence to provide better customer service. Of course, every time a new innovation appears in the realm of AI, fears arise regarding its potential to replace human jobs. While this is a reality of adapting to a more tech-driven society, these fears tend to ignore the collaborative and job-creating attributes that AI will have in the future. The future’s most successful businesses will be those that learn to combine the best attributes of machines and human workers to achieve new levels of efficiency and innovation. In reality, the future of AI will be largely dependent on collaboration with living, breathing human beings.”

Great insight on how artificial intelligence (AI) will be an important part of the way we communicate and collaborate in the foreseeable future. Using AI technologies such as Machine learning within business communication applications such as team collaboration and unified communications can improve worker productivity, save time and improve the overall business flow.

The article: The future of AI is collaborative


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