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Jun 7 2019 < 1

The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?

“Healthcare advances have delivered great benefits to society, bringing material improvements in average life spans and quality of life. Yet these improvements have come at a cost—an ever-expanding portion of the US GDP is being consumed by healthcare expenses. Could technology, enabling delivery of healthcare advances while improving affordability, be part of the solution? We have reviewed the evidence, done the math, and identified technology-enabled use cases that could create between $350 billion and $410 billion in annual value by 2025 (out of the $5.34 trillion in healthcare spending projected for that year.”

This article looks into the future of haelthcare. The authors are discussing personalised and intuitive healthcare ecosystems and their enablers, as well as emerging technologies that are starting to reshape healthcare.

The article: The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?


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