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The Data Science Revolution: 5 Things We Believe


  1. Data science makes our picture of the world both more detailed and more comprehensive.

  2. Big data can be useful; data science can make it powerful.

  3. Data science brings extra breadth to fundamental research and extra depth to quantitative methodologies.

  4. Data science enhances the existing information flow between fundamental and quantitative research teams.

  5. A centralized research platform, feeding into both fundamental and quantitative strategies can get the most out of a data science capability.

So-called “big data”—the residue of information that we all leave behind as we buy things, sell things, browse the high street and the internet, use our smartphones and generally live our modern lives – is proliferating. At the same time, advances in cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence allow us to extract coherent, strategic insights from these digital residues. Combined, as data science, they have the potential to be a richly enhanced source of information about our world – information that is deeper and more detailed than we have ever had before, and yet also broader and more comprehensive.”

The article: The Data Science Revolution: 5 Things We Believe


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