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Apr 8 2019 < 1

The CMO’s Role Changes Amid Digital Transformation

“Marketing departments have been struggling for years with digital transformation, but marketing leaders cannot afford to stand idly by while the process happens around them, Forrester Research cautions in a new report. In fact, the report identifies three steps that chief marketing officers should embrace to become more involved in the digital transformation process. CMOs are struggling with digital transformation because they typically have the highest turnover and the shortest tenure among C-suite positions, according to the report, which cited data from the Korn Ferry Institute showing that the average CMO tenure is 4.1 years, compared to 5.1 years for chief financial officers and eight years for CEOs.”

The role of CMO in Digital Transformation, an insight based on a Forrester Research report.

The article: The CMO’s Role Changes Amid Digital Transformation


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