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Dec 6 2019 < 1

Strategies You Need to Make Digital Transformation Work

“CTOs, IT leaders, and executive management can use these examples to form their own master plans to transform their organizations and win.

Finding the most effective approach to transformation can be elusive, but insight from those who have already gone all-in can shed light for others to follow. Pressure continues to mount on leaders within organizations to make good on the promise of what digitization, migration to the cloud, and automation may offer.

That can seem easy for new companies to launch in a cloud-native environment and march forth. For organizations built on legacy systems and steeped in technical debt, such moves might appear to be nigh-impossible, or at best offer a murky return on investment.

Experts from companies that have embraced digital transformation might prove otherwise. Some of them shared their experiences and insights at the Converge conference for “augmented organizations,” held at the New York Stock Exchange and hosted by IT and software developer Globant.

Naysayers might presume their specific circumstances make it impossible to adopt new technology or methodologies seen in the digital transformation arena. The range of presenters at Converge, who came from such companies as Mastercard, Merriam-Webster, and Realogy Holdings, speaks to the possibility for different types of organizations to at least try.”

The article: Strategies You Need to Make Digital Transformation Work


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