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Start Your Digital Workplace Journey With Small Steps

“The phrase “digital workplace” has become so common in the modern business environment that we may not fully understand the actual concept or how to achieve it. This level of confusion has led many to write it off as just another buzzword. That said, the digital workplace is real and can be easily defined. Here’s how Gartner describes it:

“A digital workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies. It is based on the assumption that engaged employees are more willing to change roles and responsibilities and embrace new technology, enabling organizations to capitalize on the creativity of their workforce and deliver better business outcomes.”

But What Is the Digital Workplace, Really?

The digital workplace is not necessarily a replacement for a physical office. It covers a broad range of devices, software or platforms that employees use to do their jobs.”

The article: Start Your Digital Workplace Journey With Small Steps


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