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Aug 23 2019 < 1

AWS’ Roger Barga: ‘Robots Are Part Of A Company’s Digital Transformation’

“Robots are not just useful for carrying out tasks, said Roger Barga, general manager and director of development of Robotics and Autonomous Services at Amazon Web Services. “They’re actually part of a company company’s digital transformation,” he said. “They get data digitally about what’s going on in your operations, which you can then use to optimize your operations.” Barga has been in his role for just over one and a half years, leading AWS development of tools to build, simulate, deploy and manage intelligent robotics applications at scale.

How important are robots for the digital transformation of businesses? Here is the view of Roger Barga, general manager of AWS Robotics and Autonomous Services.

The article: AWS’ Roger Barga: ‘Robots Are Part Of A Company’s Digital Transformation


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