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Dec 24 2019 < 1

Q&A: How digital and data are transforming health in Africa

“We recently chatted with Jeff Bernson, PATH’s chief data officer and vice president of Technology, Analytics, and Market Innovation, to get his thoughts on the state of digital transformation in Africa… One example that has been exciting to see is Visualize No Malaria (VNM). This is an initiative we began with Tableau and other tech-sector partners to help Zambia eliminate malaria. We now have a powerful digital tool that we designed side by side with Zambian health officials that lets us see what’s happening with malaria in close to real time, making the job of coordinating interventions much more effective and efficient. Smart use of data has enabled a dramatic reduction in malaria-related deaths. Zambia’s Southern Province, for example, saw more than a 90 percent decline. And the thing is, we’re just getting started with how we can use this kind of digital tool to control and eliminate other diseases.

“A nice and touching example of how Digital Transformation can improve the quality of life. Learn about the Visualize No Malaria initiative from this inspiring article.

The article: Q&A: How digital and data are transforming health in Africa


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