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Dec 24 2019 < 1

Privacy concerns abound as IoT devices grow in use

“The safety and security of internet of things (IoT) devices remains a vexing issue for lawmakers, while a survey from the Internet Society shows there is still some way to go before reaching widespread public acceptance of IoT connectivity. The survey, conducted in six countries by polling firm IPSOS Mori, found that 65% of those surveyed are concerned with how connected devices collect data, while 55% do not trust those devices to protect their privacy. Meanwhile, 63% of those surveyed said they find IoT devices, which are projected to number in the tens of billions worldwide, to be “creepy.””

The article discusses the risks and concerns about the security aspect of the IoT implementations, the current public perception and governments’ take on the matter.

The article: Privacy concerns abound as IoT devices grow in use


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