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Opinion: ‘Scale’ is the magic word for digital transformation in 2020

“In 2019, we saw a 400 percent growth in digital transformation projects moving through the post-implementation stage, according to a recent study by Rockwell Automation.

The maturation of digitization projects will continue throughout 2020, and with this trend, the industry will evolve from exploring the primary benefits of data-driven solutions to understanding how these projects can be used as a resource to help scale smart factory initiatives.

Digital transformation has reached its inflection point. As organizations move their initiatives from project roll-out to continuous process improvement in 2020, scaling becomes a key topic of conversation.

Specifically, the industry will tackle the following challenges as digital business strategies scale and mature:

– High volumes of industrial infrastructure becoming integrated/connected

– Orchestrating multisite roll-outs

– Tighter operations technology / information technology (OT/IT) integration as more OT infrastructure (devices, production lines, plants) are tied into digital transformation initiatives”

The article: Opinion: ‘Scale’ is the magic word for digital transformation in 2020


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