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DX Latest | October 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our October Newsletter. In this issue we hand-picked the latest articles for you. They are categorised into Best Practice, Industry Implementations and Government and Public Services sections. Enjoy your read!

Digital Transformation Best Practice Articles

A how-to guide for reviving the failing Digital Transformation. Very practical and useful recommendations that should be considered if you get in trouble with the DX implementation.

“Digital journeys are rife with hurdles and setbacks. From reorganizing the ranks to insisting on value, here’s how to reboot a digital initiative gone awry.”

15 ways to salvage a troubled digital transformation by Esther Shein.

An excellent insight on key digital transformation trends for 2019. Business and technical trends listed and analysed.

“Many organizations have embarked on the journey of digital transformation over the last several years to sustainably reinvent themselves in modern terms. The first crop of lessons learned should now be evident but have been challenging to isolate and capture until recently. It’s also clear that those lessons learned have been hard won, so we must build on them. Here’s what we know so far.”

The biggest insights and trends in digital transformation for 2019 by Dion Hinchcliffe

How are Digital Transformation trends such as AI, automation and big data used in professional sport? How can DX help with fan experience? A recommended read.

“The world of sports is a great place to look for concrete, successful examples.”

What Pro Sports Can Teach Us About Digital Transformation by Mark Bunting

What does Digital Transformation mean for accounting firms and should they bother? An insight provided by President of PaySimple David Sharp.

“Digital transformation has been a near constant topic of conversation among accounting and CPA communities in 2018. The trend can be defined as the shift from antiquated, manual processes to automatic, technology-driven ones.”

What digital transformation looks like for today’s CPA firms by David Sharp.

The author discusses 8 emerging digital trends in Healthcare industry in 2018. AI, chatbots, robotics, cloud, etc. are all discussed from the healthcare industry perspective.

“If we talk about digital technology in healthcare industry, we must first understand what it’s all about and how it is disrupting the healthcare scenario… The salvo of digital innovation in healthcare has triggered a tectonic shift even compelling insurance companies to change their approach from volumes to value of care by initiating out-of-the-box health insurance digital transformation projects.”

TOP 8 Digital Transformation Trends That Will Reshape Healthcare in 2018 by Ankit Goel.

The author provides an insight into McKinsey recommendations for Digital Transformation of the automotive industry.

“According to business analysts McKinsey, the automotive sector needs a joined-up approach to digital transformation. The consultancy firm has put together a set of recommendations for a successful digital transformation for tier one automotive suppliers.”

What automotive sector firms need for digital transformation by Tim Sandle

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

Digital Transformation in the public sector. 5 great examples discussed. A recommended read.

“Digital transformation within the public sector is opening up services and improving delivery in a wide range of areas worldwide.”

Five digital projects changing lives around the world by Emma Woollacott

An insight into the UK Government’s Digital Service (GDS), as provided by its Director General. Read how Brexit accelerated the need for the Digital Transformation and about the Innovation Strategy that is due to be published in Spring 2019.

“Kevin Cunnington, Director General of the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) provides an update on how digital transformation is helping to make government work better for everyone.”

Digital transformation, collaboration and innovation: Making government work better for everyone by Kevin Cunnington

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