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How Global Leaders Are Leveraging the Enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by Owen Huang

The author presents Enterprise IIoT case studies. The following companies are covered; Amazon, Airbus, Hitachi, Caterpillar and Bosch.

“Today, we can see the Internet of Things-based devices all around. It’s an emerging technology that consists of a network connecting our gadgets and allowing them to communicate with each other. Most of us probably own such devices, and some have even turned their homes into smart mini-ecosystems, which are self-sustained and semi self-sovereign. We often hear of consumer-based IoT, as it’s what we use most. However, the Internet of Things market revenue worldwide is $212 billion, and it consists of something more.”

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Digital transformation: 11 emerging lessons by Stephanie Overby

If you are stuck with you DX initiative, you may find this article a good source of information about how to revive the project. The author provides 11 valuable recommendations to consider.

“Is digital transformation giving way to digital malaise within your organization? In late 2019, a McKinsey survey found that just 16 percent of respondents said their organizations’ digital transformation had successfully improved performance in a sustainable way. Another 7 percent said that performance improved – but only for a time. The continuing drumbeat of “change or die” can certainly get old, particularly if the results are less than satisfactory. “We’re entering a world of digital transformation fatigue because of the failure rate and the exorbitant amounts of money that disappear into the digital transformation black hole,” says Ankur Laroia, managing director of BDO’s Houston office and leader of its Digital Transformation Services practice.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

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Decoding digital transformation in construction by Gernot Strube

A valuable insight into the digital transformation best practice for engineering and construction industry. McKinsey authors present challenging characteristics of the construction industry and five DX practices as the recommended path to the digital success.

“After spending five years and countless sums on trialing new software platforms and ways of working, the executive team at a large contractor was nearly ready to call an end to its digital-transformation program. Dozens of attempts to streamline projects with digital solutions, such as 5D BIM, had failed to deliver. A few had succeeded in the pilot phase, but the company had struggled to apply those solutions at scale. Site and office workers grumbled about having to adopt yet more new technologies—before abandoning them and returning to their old ways of working. Overall, projects hit delays and ran over budget as frequently as before, and productivity had barely budged upward.”

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ASU: Inclusive education through digital transformation by Marcus Lawrence

“Dr. Jess Evans, Chief Operating and Digital Transformation Officer at Arizona State University (ASU)’s University Technology Office (UTO), discusses the tech and strategies that have defined ASU’s modern, inclusive and prestigious reputation. Arizona State University (ASU) has enjoyed a remarkable uptick in reputation in recent years, and its success comes down to the efficacy of its digital transformation. “Over the past several years, specifically the last six, the university has grown exponentially in terms of improving both its academic presence and innovation schedule,” says Dr. Jess Evans, Chief Operating and Digital Transformation Officer at ASU’s University Technology Office (UTO).”

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

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Capturing value at scale in discrete manufacturing with Industry 4.0 by Andreas Tschiesner

The authors present the case for the importance of Customer Experience in Government and Public Services. The article includes a chart with customer satisfaction with government services for 6 countries across service types. Top drivers for CX are also presented, the top two being reliability and simplicity. A recommended read.

“The efforts of many companies to apply Industry 4.0 solutions are stuck in “pilot purgatory.” Determining where to focus and how to scale can help generate a meaningful, lasting impact… Automotive manufacturing led the adoption of modern production principles, such as Lean and Six Sigma. The underlying production systems are designed to cope with the complexity of mass-customized products. However, stricter emissions standards, the consumer-demand trend for greater personalization, and the cost degression and increased capabilities of robots require the industry to further transform itself.”

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Paris’ digital transformation is women-led, app-driven by Kristin Musulin

An interesting article about the city of Paris digital transformation efforts, as presented by the city CIO Nejia Lanouar. “While Paris is known to some as the City of Lights, it’s known to others — particularly government leaders — as a city of digital transformation thanks to Nejia Lanouar’s leadership. Since 2012, Lanouar has served as the city’s chief information officer, helping to implement a digital-first approach to government operations and civic engagement. One of Lanouar’s biggest projects has been the development of Lutece, a modular open-source platform that powers more than 200 digital city services in Paris.”

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