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DX Latest | November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to November Newsletter.

Our DX experts selected the most interesting Digital Transformation articles published throughout October and included them below.

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Digital Transformation Best Practice Articles

The author provides his perspective on why SMEs are well positioned for the Digital Transformation, the speed of change ability being one of the main advantages. “Nowadays the ability for businesses to react and adapt quickly to change is vital to grow and maintain a successful business.”

It’s never been a better time for SMEs due to digital transformation by Beat Bühlmann
The article systematically presents the expectations of the true Digital CIO role. Each of the 11 characteristics / roles is discussed in detail. Very useful article for all aspiring Digital Leaders. “The digital CIO as the top leadership role must have a strategic mindset, unique personality, interdisciplinary knowledge, and a clear idea of what needs to be done, while being creative enough to lead innovation, drive changes, and orchestrate digitalization effortlessly.”

11 portraits of digital CIOs by Pearl Zhu

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

In this article you can read about the technology advances in Farming with examples from vendors and farms. Technologies such as blockchain, robots and vertical farming are covered. “The future of food production lies in our ability to exploit every resource at our disposal, from bots to bees. Fortunately, the industry is benefiting from some radical thinking. Here are the cutting edge technologies taking farming towards this goal.”

The future of farming: robots, bees and plant jacuzzis by Charles Orton-Jones
VW is introducing new sales model from 2020. New individual services for customers are planned based on their ID. Online sales are to be massively expanded. New digital partnership with its dealers is being introduced. “Volkswagen is making its sales organization fit for the future. The brand is to fundamentally realign its sales model together with its dealers.”

Volkswagen digitalizes sales – New era of car buying to start in 2020 by Automotive World

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

The best case study for the Digital Transformation of the Government Services in the world at the moment; this article discusses the case of Estonia as the role model for all modern states. “99 percent of government services are available digitally in Estonia, and that’s only because the government wants citizens to be physically present at their wedding and view the house they’re buying.”

e-Estonia: What is all the fuss about? by Asha McLean
A detailed insight into Digital Transformation of the UK government. Across 19 different DX programmes, together costing over £38bn there are many challenges and obstacles. The authors listed their recommendations how to solve them. “The Government uses digital transformation programmes to manage the introduction of new technology and associated changes.”

The hidden obstacles to government digital transformation by Sally Howes & Tess Kidney Bishop

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