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Digital Transformation Best Practices


This is why AI has yet to reshape most businesses by Brian Bergstein

The author provides arguments about why Artifical Intelligence will take longer to implement across most of the industries than you may think. AI is portrayed and perceived almost as a magic, but in reality things are a bit different. A very interesting read!

“The art of making perfumes and colognes hasn’t changed much since the 1880s, when synthetic ingredients began to be used. Expert fragrance creators tinker with combinations of chemicals in hopes of producing compelling new scents. So Achim Daub, an executive at one of the world’s biggest makers of fragrances, Symrise, wondered what would happen if he injected artificial intelligence into the process.”


Transformation and Modernization Tools – Quick Reference by Sameer Paradkar

“Organization make significant investments to increase the value to the business applications. These applications continue to demonstrate value to the organization by supporting core processes and providing information that is crucial to the business operations. These applications contain millions of lines of code that is valuable business intelligence. They are at the center of the organization and process majority of the customer, product, services and other critical business data.”

city, building and vehicles connect with each other.
Schneider Electric study reveals importance of DX in energy management, automation and beyond by Derek Malcolm

The article provides an insight into the recent study by Schneider Electric about the progress of Digital Transformation and its results. The company went to its own 230 customers in 41 countries and collected the positive effect on business results that the implementation of Digital Transformation created. “A new report recently released by multinational energy management corporation Schneider Electric, reveals not only the tangible benefits of implementing digital transformation into energy management and automation of businesses globally, but its broader importance in helping solve some of the world’s biggest problems.”

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

Digital culture: Challenge of going paperless in Dubai by Sherouk Zakaria 

An example of Digital Transformation in Government and Public Services sector. Rad about the efforts and challenges Dubai is going through on their path to Digital. “Any change brings about uncertainty, and certainly so did the start of Dubai’s digital transformation of government services to meet Dubai Paperless Strategy. With the city preparing to celebrate its last paper transaction on December 12, 2021, six government entities have already cut their paper use in their internal transactions and public services by 57 per cent in the strategy’s first phase. Aware of the challenges and time it will take to overcome the tech culture shock, Dubai Smart Office is implementing the strategy gradually in three phases to address gaps and improve weaknesses that may rise..”
European Startups Are Making Strides in Artificial Intelligence by Simon Moser

An overview of the recent Artificial Intelligence developments in the European Union. An industry that has risen more than 500 percent between 2013 and 2017 gets a €20 billion heavy attention by EU in 2018. “With artificial intelligence being at the brink of conquering our planet, we are now possibly facing the next critical phase of human history. Rarely have we seen a technological advancement that could so radically and irreversibly change the world as we know it. The implications of artificial intelligence are undoubtedly immense, as it would probably affect almost every industry in the world, reshaping businesses and jobs in the process.”

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