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Digital Transformation Best Practices

14 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019 by Michael Fauscette

The article lists the most powerful Digital Transformation trends for 2019. Each of the trends is further discussed in detail in linked articles. A recommended read.

“The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate, and companies continue to find navigating the business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction, and business operational changes necessary to compete effectively to be a significant challenge. This progression will continue through next year and beyond.”

5 things to do in 2019 in digital transformation

by Isaac Sacolick

Consider these recommended actions when executing your Digital Transformation initiatives in 2019. Coming from an experienced CIO, these are generic and applicable in any industry.

“Leaders of digital transformation should realign priorities, dive into artificial intelligence and automation and find sustainable ways to engage the workforce…. In this post, I’d like to share some recommendations on things to do next year to maximize your chance of hitting your transformational goals.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

Fostering Employee Innovation at a 150-Year-Old Company by Monika Lessl, Henning Trill and Julian Birkinshaw An insight into how Innovation works at Bayer from their Heads of Corporate Innovation. The article is a great how-to material with recommendations grown out of their own experience. “Bayer’s mission is “Science for a Better Life.” We want to enable discoveries to promote health and secure food supply. To achieve that goal, however, we must innovate not only in terms of science and R&D, but also in how we run our business. This means shifting the way we work so we’re able to match the pace of change happening in the wider world.”

Top Four Digital Transformation Trends In Retail For 2019 by Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman presents a view on Digital Transformation trends in Retail industry for 2019. Omnichannel, Cognitive Computing, Smart Beacons and Cash/Cardless Checkouts are discussed in detail.

“Perhaps no other industry is as impacted by customer demand as retail… Below we’ll take a look at the digital transformation trends in retail, how they’ve changed and what’s ahead in the new year.”

Propelling SMEs in the digital worldby Joy Lee

A very interesting view in the state of Digital Transformation of Malaysia’s SMEs. Based on a survey done by SME Corp and Huawei Technologies, the article provides insights that are valuable for SMEs around the world. The main conclusion is that for a successful Digital Transformation SMEs need full ecosystem support, facilitated by the governments. “The pace of digitalisation is picking up around the world and there is a need for SMEs to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies to boost growth… The digital transformation sweeping through industries will change business and delivery models, potentially creating new opportunities for them.”

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

Architecture at scale: many things need to change if government digital transformation is to succeed by Jim Hietala and Pallab Saha

In this article Jim Hietala, Vice president of Business Development and Security and Dr. Pallab Saha, Chief Architect at The Open Group discuss Digital Transformation of government and public services. They argue that Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) is the enabler of the DX process. They advise that governments should own the process, not vendors and that the process should be portfolio and program-driven, not project-driven. Among other things, governments need Digital Transformation to be able to involve the public in the decision-making process. For that, they need a clear vision, efficient operations, enabling policies and measurable goals. A recommended read.
“There are too many consultants touting blockchain, AI and machine learning and not enough integrated thinking… Countries around the world are in the middle of major digitalisation programmes. These range from implementing new digital tax systems to the creation of biometric ID systems, such as India’s Aadhaar project.”

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