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Digital Transformation Best Practices

Planning your Digital Transformation – cut through the hype by Marcus Dervin

“According to CMSWire, the world economic value of digital transformation will top $100 trillion by 2025 [Macro and Micro Technology Trends for 2019; CMSWire]. It’s an exciting time, but one where many CTOs are under pressure to deliver results-driven transformation alongside increased responsibilities around data security, network speed, mobile staff access and an ever-broadening range of business applications.

The rate of Digital Transformation project failure is high with just 16% of 2018 McKinsey survey respondents reporting that their organisations’ transformations have improved performance with long term sustainable changes [Unlocking success in digital transformations; McKinsey]. Where are we going wrong?”

Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future

by Bill Briggs, Nishita Henry and Andy Main

Another very valuable article from Deloitte.The Global CTO, the Chief Innovation Officer and the Head of Digital present a view on Digital Transformation state, technology, innovation, opportunities and best practices. A must read for all Digital Leaders!

“Digital transformation promises a triumphant response to the pressures and potential of disruptive change. But to make it concrete, achievable, and measurable, organizations need to look at broader trends—and a variety of technology advances. Digital transformation has become a rallying cry for business and technology strategists. To those charged with mapping the future, it promises a triumphant response to the pressures and potential of disruptive change.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

Major Storm Clouds On The Digital Banking Horizon by Jim Marous

The author is an owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report and the article is the overview of the December issue 2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions. Most definitely a recommended read.

“All of the major trends and predictions move traditional banking organizations towards the ultimate goal of digital transformation. The need to ‘become digital’ is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. The challenge is that, while the consumer expects the banking industry to follow the lead of technology and fintech leaders, most banking organizations fall far short of expectations.”

Machine learning and therapeutics 2.0: Avoiding hype, realizing potential by David Champagne, Sastry Chilukuri, Martha Imprialou, Saif Rathore, and Jordan VanLare

A great insight into a potential of using Machine Learning in Healthcare Industry. Practical six levers presented; data quality, reproducible results, transparent algorithms, credible algorithms, algorithms with impact and fair algorithms. “The US healthcare system generates approximately one trillion gigabytes of data annually.1 These prodigious quantities of data have been accompanied by an increase in cheap, large-scale computing power. Together, they raise the possibility that artificial intelligence—and machine learning, in particular—can generate insights both to improve the discovery of new therapeutics and to make the delivery of current ones more effective.”

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

Making governance great again through GovTech by Aaran Fronda

The article provides an overview of the state of Digital Transformation of the governments across European Union. The following countries and their digital solutions are analyzed; Denmark (NemKonto), Estonia (i-Voting) and the UK (Verify). The author concludes that EU is well-positioned to become a leader in GovTech.

“Around the world, technology is transforming the way federal governments and local authorities carry out everything from collecting taxes and delivering public services to distributing welfare and improving overall accountability. The industry is, and continues, to grow at an alarmingly fast rate due to the ongoing collaboration between start-ups and national governments, with both working with the intention of building better public services for citizens and improving the tools used by civil servants to deliver them.”

Prediction 2019: Public Sector by Tim Moody<br.

An overview of digital trends relevant to Government and Public Services in 2019, by Fujitsu CTO UK&I Public Sector. Digital Transformation trends such as Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, Digital Citizen ID and Customer Experience are discussed in detail. A very valuable insight that could help Digital Leaders focus their efforts in the Public Sector.

“Digital transformation poses major challenges for public administrations, cities and communities, but it also offers many opportunities to optimize internal processes, save costs and most importantly offer new services to citizens. Tim Moody, CTO UK&I Public Sector looks into what is on the horizon in 2019 for the public sector.”

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