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Digital Transformation Best Practices

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Future-Proofed Technology: A Key Component Of Digital Transformation by Brad Noe

Many DX authors highlight the important fact that Digital Transformation is not about technology. However, technology is still a very important part of it, an enabler or a catalyst in many cases. In this article, the author provides recommendations about how to stay on top of continuous technology advancements as part of the digital transformation strategy. “Regardless of what you read today about technology, “digital transformation” is the current buzz word. In truth, digital transformation isn’t new; it’s been occurring for some time now, and it’s a continuous optimization journey to maximize digital technologies and streamline business processes – ultimately helping companies to be more agile, innovative, competitive and successful”
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Digital transformation as a path to growth by Jon Kawamura

The article focuses on the business model part of the digital transformation and offers a practical questionnaire as a help for defining the optimal one for your organization. “Disruptive technologies, introduced at an unprecedented rate, are driving the Industry 4.0 revolution, and companies that can successfully harness the potential of these technologies can enjoy exponential growth. Yet a recent Deloitte study suggests a disconnect between Industry 4.0’s market potential and its attainability, and most companies are using advanced technologies for near-term business operations rather than truly transformative opportunities. Thus, even executives who are ready to invest in digital industrial transformation may see it more as a defensive move rather than an offensive or growth-oriented play.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations


Chemical giant gears up for digital transformation by Timur Sirt

A digital transformation success story from chemical industry giant Henkel, a DAX 30 company well known for brands such as Persil and Fa.

“Giant corporations and centuries-old corporations of the classical economy are following the changes in material while keeping pace with the digital transformation. On its 142th anniversary, Henkel developed innovative products to take its share of the digital transformation. The road map for this transformation was shared with journalists and analysts in a recent event in Germany.”

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Digital Transformation Strategy Advances in Oil and Gas by Brian Buntz

This article provides insights about Digital Transformation initiatives in the Oil and Gas sector. Links to Accenture and McKinsey reports. Companies mentioned in the article; BP, TransCanada, DCP Midstream, etc.

“While the oil and gas industry, especially the upstream business, has embraced sophisticated analytics to reduce risk from the exploration and production of oil and gas, the sector has been relatively slow to implement digital technologies. In that regard, it is similar to the broader process industries and industrial manufacturing sectors, which ranked at the bottom of PwC’s Strategy & Global Digital Operations Study in 2018. Johnson, citing McKinsey data in his keynote, stated the oil and gas sector at large trailed almost every other industry in terms of innovation and technology.”

Digital Transformation of Government and Public Services

Digital transformation: Government vs Healthcare by Technology News

A good overview of Healthcare and Government digital transformation case studies. “Digital transformation is evolving our world as we know it. With many sectors including Government and Healthcare using the digital revolution as a means to move forward with the times and improve the way they operate on a daily basis, here at Open Access Government we compare the two to see who is taking the lead.”
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Playing catch-up, how the public sector can embrace digital transformation by Darren Watkins

Why is public sector lagging behind in Digital Transformation efforts and what can be done about it? Check for answers in this recommended read.

“How feasible is digital transformation for the public sector? Nearly all industries are in the midst of digital transformation. Whether it’s online shopping, customer service chatbots or increasingly sophisticated AI experiences, the competition is fierce and it’s “do or die” for businesses who are trying to best engage digitally savvy consumers.”

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