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Digital Transformation Best Practices

Navigating Office 365? It’s time to seize the controls by Marcus Dervin

“It’s no surprise that CIOs who are committed to spearheading their organisation’s digital transformation strategy are implementing Microsoft’s Office 365. Cloud-based working on Office 365 supports organisations to become more scalable and agile, providing flexibility for staff while reducing IT support burden. There really isn’t a competitive offering that comes close to providing the same breadth and depth of services, however many of the associated challenges and solutions discussed below can apply to any comprehensive business system supporting digital transformation.”
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Big Data Analytics – Use Case Identification Framework by Sameer Paradkar

“Use cases are gaining more and more importance when it comes to the exploration of ideas, requirements analysis and prioritization of tasks in analytics and Big Data projects. To identify, structure and prioritize the most promising use cases we recommend combining two common approaches; ideation (top-down) and data-driven (bottom-up).The ideation approach leverages innovation and creativity to come up with new ideas. Methods like Design Thinking help subject matter experts to identify and formulate potentially beneficial use cases. Thinking outside the box supported by creativity techniques has proven helpful in coming up with ideas. The biggest weakness is the lack of validation and substantiation of ideas with data and facts that could lead “theoretically designed” innovations, which are difficult to implement in actual organization environments.”

DX and DCX, a Joint Venture by Mohammed Naquib

“Digital Transformation or DX, is also termed as the fourth industrial revolution, and the journey that companies / organizations are taking toward the digital world, is not new. We have been hearing people talk about “digital transformation”, but not many understand what it means. Digital transformation can be defined as a coordinated set of efforts to rewire all operations across an organization to fit the ever-evolving digital world. This involves adopting a robust digital strategy, implementing new technology and improving the customer experience with digital tools.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

Asian Doctor with the stethoscope equipment hand holding the Artificial intelligence of brain technology over Innovation digital screen background, AI and technology physician concept

Digital transformation in healthcare remains complex and challenging by Sam Shah

A great insight into Digital Transformation of Healthcare from NHS Director of Digital Development Sam Shah. In the article conclusion, he is calling for a relationship between citizen and healhcare to be redefined so that the underlying healthcare components can be re-engineered.

“The famous Henry Ford quote seems just as true today as it was at the time, about wanting faster horses. I know from my own experience when I have asked business sponsors, managers and clinicians about problems or pain points they often reach for the nearest solution within sight. This approach misses the deeper technology requirements and fundamentally isn’t really transformative.”

The building blocks telcos need to create their digital-and-analytics DNA by Moshin Imtiaz, Pallav Jain, Veit Kment and Ruben Schaubroeck

Five key building blocks discussed in this very informative article by McKinsey; Ambition, Customer Journeys and Use Cases, Engine, Operating Model, and Capabilities, talent and culture. “Telcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing demands for simple digital experiences, among other challenges… We believe operators not only can detect and meet these demands, but also that they must meet them to keep up with increasing competitive pressure. Our research shows that operators that get this right both get ahead of customer requirements and drive a 30 to 50 percent cash-flow improvement through revenue acceleration and cost optimization. And these companies are digitizing and using analytics across their organizations to get there.”

Digital Transformation Industry Implementations

People-centered Government: Integrating CX in Digital Transformation by Sherin Shibu

The author discusses the importance of Customer Experience in the Digital Transformation of governments. “Customer experience (CX) is becoming more of a focal point in government. Agencies have led efforts to modernize citizen-facing websites and digital services and increase efficiency across the board in terms of IT and digital development, with an emphasis on design that puts people first. They share a vision of a government that delivers an above-standard, integrated, digital experience for its constituents.”
Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations by Martin Checinski, Roland Dillon, Solveigh Hieronimus and Julia Klier

What are the challenges of Digital Transformation of government and public sector? How different is DX comparing to private sector? What are the recommendations for Digital Leaders? How important is Culture for the success of Digital Transformation? The authors provide a great insight into the subject and conclude that governments need to focus on 3 Ps: people, people and people. A recommended read. “Transformation in government is a hugely complex undertaking. That makes it critical to get the people component right. It is no easy matter to bring about major change in a large, complex organization—whichever sector it’s in. McKinsey research has found that 74 percent of private-sector transformation efforts fail to meet their objectives, while in the public sector, the failure rate is even higher, at 80 percent. In both sectors, people practices are a decisive factor, often making the difference between success and disappointment. Indeed, the five key success factors for government transformations all have a strong people component..”

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