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Nov 12 2019 < 1

Leverage Intelligent Automation to Accelerate Digital Transformation

“With an integrated platform approach, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, and begin to work like the digitally enabled enterprises of tomorrow.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a hot topic these days, and understandably, a point of interest in many digital transformation initiatives. In fact, the battle over which vendor’s RPA tool has the most gadgets and widgets has become somewhat of a proverbial “street fight.” But those focused at this tactical level can lose sight of the bigger picture: To truly get ahead with digital transformation initiatives and solve a wider set of business problems with automation, organizations are increasingly looking to a platform automation capability that allows them to optimize end-to-end operations. Though it may seem initially daunting to deploy a platform against end-to-end business operations, IT professionals can follow a three-step framework below to bring structure to their corporate initiatives for digital transformation.”

The article: Leverage Intelligent Automation to Accelerate Digital Transformation


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