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Keys to Building A World-Class Cybersecurity Workforce

“The most senior military cyber warfighters have defined the challenge of building a world-class cybersecurity workforce: We have great performers but not enough. Our accessions can barely keep pace with attrition; but we are scheduled to grow. We need a viable plan to increase capacity.

During a panel session at the Cyber Education, Research and Training Symposium (CERTS) in Augusta, Georgia, cybersecurity leaders discussed how to build the people who can protect the nation against the tens of thousands of very high-end professionals that Russia and China are putting out.

Their success stories served as case studies for how the cybersecurity community can move forward in attaining such talent.

James Lyne of Sophos has spent the last seven years trying to solve the problem of how to develop very high-end talent, mostly in the United Kingdom. He started an extracurricular program, HMG Cyber Discovery Programme, which was designed to show people how fun cybersecurity is.

The core of the program is CyberStart Go, which takes things that security researchers do day-to-day and boils them down to problem solving and puzzles wrapped in a narrative way where the players thwart online criminal gangs as a member of the cyber protection agency.”

The article: Keys to Building A World-Class Cybersecurity Workforce


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