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Is Artificial Intelligence Dead? Let’s talk stats about AI state.

“The explosion of interest in Artificial intelligence impact and trends has led to the rise of many questions and commentaries over the last decades. One of the most popular points of view is that Artificial intelligence and its sub-fields are dead, and other trending advanced technologies will take over. Is it true that AI is dead? Let’s dive in!

…By acting like a capital-labor hybrid, Artificial Intelligence offers the ability to amplify and transcend the current capacity of capital and labor to propel economic growth. Research reveals unprecedented opportunities for value creation.

The economic impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in 12 developed countries that currently make up 50 percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP) will continue to grow in the upcoming years by 2035, with over 37% of growth in Sweden alone.

The statistics mentioned above have shown that Artificial Intelligence has been significantly growing over the last decade and will continue to have the lion’s part in interest over several areas. Artificial Intelligence has found its way into the heart of academia, businesses, and public perceptions by automating tasks, and by improving value creation processes.”

The article: Is Artificial Intelligence Dead? Let’s talk stats about AI state.



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