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Dec 12 2019 < 1

Innovation Strategy- How companies can avoid their own Kodak fate…

“Innovation has occurred for several centuries. So what is different now? We are currently witnessing a phenomenon that is recognized by some as the 4th industrial revolution.

The pace of technological advances and globalization of information via the web has allowed an unprecedented inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary body of scientific discovery, and has acted as a catalyst for innovation. The flurry of innovation has also triggered an inevitable change in how organizations have to manage and re-design their strategy to manage this accelerated pace. There are numerous publications highlighting the risks of not recognizing the need to incorporate innovation into the organizational culture, as well as lesson learned from failing to successfully implement some of the most promising innovative ideas, solutions or products.

The impact of the digital era is visible across all industries, however healthcare is the one domain causing fascination and excitement for healthcare futurists or optimists and pessimism for those that are more conservative, risk-averse or fearful of the unknown.”

The article: Innovation Strategy- How companies can avoid their own Kodak fate…

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