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Apr 18 2019 < 1

In the field with Dallara Automobili

“Automotive manufacturing – like all industries – is facing digital disruption. For automakers, the wake-up call has been the heated race to develop self-driving cars, with tech giants acting as trailblazers. In this context, maintaining a steady pace of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence is no longer enough for car companies to hang on to their leadership positions. Firms must also pursue digital breakthroughs. Traditional players need to avoid the trap of focusing solely on developing new digital products. Instead, they should aim to transform their entire company to compete on a new digital playing field.”

A success story; Digital Transformation in Automotive industry. Read about technical and business aspects of digital initiatives that an Italian racing car manufacturer Dallara Automobili took to transform the business.

The article: In the field with Dallara Automobili


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