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Jan 28 2 mins

How to build ethical AI

“You’ve likely already encountered artificial intelligence several times today. It’s an increasingly common technology, in cars, TVs, and, of course, our phones. But for most people, the term AI still conjures images of The Terminator.

We don’t need to worry about hulking armed robots terrorizing American cities, but there are serious ethical and societal issues we must confront quickly — because the next wave of computing power is coming, with the potential to dramatically alter — and improve — the human experience.

Full disclosure: I am general counsel and chair of the AI Ethics Working Group at a company that is bringing AI to processor technology in trillions of devices to make them smarter and more trustworthy.


Enabled by high-speed wireless capacity and rapid advances in machine learning, new applications for artificial intelligence are created every day. For technologists, it’s an exciting new frontier. But for the rest of us, we’re right to ask a few questions. In order to realize the full benefits of artificial intelligence, people must have trust in it.

Governments across the world have started to explore these questions. The United States recently unveiled a set of regulatory principles for AI at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios spoke on the CES stage about the importance of building trust in AI. But what does that really mean?

AI is already here in ways that many don’t even realize, from how we get our news, to how we combat cyberattacks, to the way cell phone cameras sharpen our selfies. Eventually, AI will enable life-saving medical breakthroughs, more sustainable agriculture, and the autonomous movement of people and products. But to get there we must first tackle important, societal issues related to bias, transparency, and the massive amounts of data that feeds AI. Citizens must be able to trust that AI is being implemented appropriately in all of these areas.”

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