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Dec 23 2019 < 1

How Analytics Are Driving Digital Transformation

“For any company that depends on data to drive its applications and business strategies — and let’s face that means most enterprises — Gartner’s recent research that shows nearly half of IT leaders planning further investment in analytics over the next year will be no surprise.

Using Enterprise Data

While it is true that everyone needs data, it is not always true that everyone knows what their data is doing, and these new investments aim to remedy that. One major point of interest in the findings of the Chief Data Officer survey, which was carried out early last summer, is that many of the analytics investments will be used to monitor and support digital transformation strategies.

It should also be noted that if nearly 50% of enterprises are looking to invest in analytics, another 50% are not. In fact, the CDO survey found that less than 50% of documented corporate strategies don’t mention data and analytics as key components for delivering enterprise value. The reason for this? According to Mike Rollings, research vice president at Gartner, the real reason is the limitations of traditional analytics offerings.”

The article: How Analytics Are Driving Digital Transformation


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