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Nov 3 2019 < 1

Focus Your Digital Transformation Efforts With 3 Customer-Centric Steps

“A recent survey of 450 C-suite executives by Celonis found that 45% didn’t know where to start when developing their transformation strategy — despite a third of businesses spending over $500,000 on business transformation in the last 12 months. Where are organizations falling short?

– 82% admitted they do not review their internal business processes to understand what needs to be prioritized when setting initial goals for digital transformation.

– 62% set digital transformation KPIs without understanding what is going wrong with current operations.

– 58% left the task of explaining change to the front line to consultants and middle management.

When it comes to digital transformation, it’s easier to launch straight into building budgets, onboarding new hires and upgrading technology without stopping to consider what needs to change. But if you don’t understand how your organization is currently running, any investments you make are unlikely to deliver the desired impact.

Where to begin? With your customers is a good start. Here are three customer-centric steps to avoid starting your digital transformation initiative off on the wrong foot.”

The article: Focus Your Digital Transformation Efforts With 3 Customer-Centric Steps


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