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Nov 6 2019 < 1

Digital Transformation: Top Down Or Bottom Up?

“Digital transformation (DX for short) is a very hot topic right now. We can broadly define it as the practice of applying new digital technologies to deliver business improvements, such as transforming or automating work processes with technology like robots and mobile-connected devices; using analytics to drive better decisions; or using artificial intelligence to replace human interactions. DX can benefit virtually any business process — from hiring practices to customer and market research to planning and scheduling decisions. In industrial manufacturing, the biggest case I see for DX is improving the core business operation: the actual manufacturing process. Many manufacturers have DX programs focused on plant production metrics such as safety, product profitability, quality, plant reliability and sustainability. Given that the revenue for these companies comes from what they produce, it makes perfect sense that this would be their focus.”

The article: Digital Transformation: Top Down Or Bottom Up?


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