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Jul 18 2019 < 1

Digital Transformation Strategy Advances in Oil and Gas

“While the oil and gas industry, especially the upstream business, has embraced sophisticated analytics to reduce risk from the exploration and production of oil and gas, the sector has been relatively slow to implement digital technologies. In that regard, it is similar to the broader process industries and industrial manufacturing sectors, which ranked at the bottom of PwC’s Strategy & Global Digital Operations Study in 2018. Johnson, citing McKinsey data in his keynote, stated the oil and gas sector at large trailed almost every other industry in terms of innovation and technology.

This article provides insights about Digital Transformation initiatives in the Oil and Gas sector. Links to Accenture and McKinsey reports. Companies mentioned in the article; BP, TransCanada, DCP Midstream, etc.

The article: Digital Transformation Strategy Advances in Oil and Gas


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