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Oct 17 2019 < 1

Digital Transformation Starts With People

“Helping employees build future skills – starting today – is critical for making BMO and its people more resilient for the long term. It’s no secret that the coming decade will bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges as the financial services industry strives to get ahead of changing workforce demographics, the disruption of traditional business models, and rapid technology shifts. “To stay ahead of the curve,” Gina Jeneroux, BMO Financial Group’s chief learning officer, says, “we need to be bold on talent, creating the conditions for human and machine partnerships and building and nurturing a culture that sparks engagement and encourages learning, growth, creativity, and innovation. Career is the number 1 reason employees choose to come to BMO, and it’s among the top reasons they stay. Employee survey results suggest that the company’s intentional blend of formal and informal learning opportunities plays a key role in this focus on careers: equipping employees with the skills they need to grow in an industry that is rapidly changing because of automation and shifting customer expectations.”

The article: Digital Transformation Starts With People


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