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Digital Transformation Roadmap For Laggards

“According to the 2018 Digital Transformation Index, 16% of respondents consider themselves laggards when it comes to digital transformation. Change is a scary thing and digital transformation can seem overwhelming, but new research shows many believe even digital transformation laggards can catch up if they put their time and effort in the right direction.

First off: Is it really possible to catch up? Don’t take our word for it. A recent study, “Wipro 2019 Digital Transformation Survey: Barriers to Success,” showed that a whopping 87% of those working in today’s marketplace feel it’s not too late. There are lots of reasons for this. The most profound, in my view, is that despite the promise of digital transformation, most companies simply aren’t reaping the benefits as fast as technology is moving. Most (nearly 75%) say their digital transformation efforts have seen just modest or moderate impact. Just like those who bought the first hybrid car didn’t necessarily end up with the best gas mileage, those who implemented the first AI or machine learning technology didn’t inherit the best analytics program. For digital transformation laggards, that’s good news. Despite the boogeyman warnings about missing the boat on digital transformation, it seems that those on the sidelines may not be falling all that far behind.”

The article: Digital Transformation Roadmap For Laggards


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