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Digital transformation: Reducing “time to data” with a data catalogue

“If data isn’t consistent, comprehensive, and accurate, digital transformation efforts may fall short of objectives in a wide range of areas.

Managing and using data for enterprise digital transformation has, until now, offered employees little, particularly when compared with our typical consumer experience of doing a Google search for information or using Yelp to consider options.

As consumers, we have high expectations for data discovery and choice. The web offers a vast catalogue of information that is easily searched and sorted allowing us to select exactly the right choice that meets our wants and needs. Yet, until now, in our working lives, we simply haven’t had that same breadth of easily digestible information at our fingertips.

So, what has changed? Many organisations are making it easier for employees to discover and access secure, trusted, high-quality enterprise data, they can use to identify new opportunities for problem-solving, innovation, and revenue growth.”

The article: Digital transformation: Reducing “time to data” with a data catalogue



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