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Oct 21 2019 < 1

Digital transformation: Improving the odds of success

By Jacques Bughin, Jonathan Deakin, and Barbara O’Beirne

“For established companies, the pressure to digitize business models and products has reached new intensity. McKinsey research shows that the best-performing decile of digitized incumbents earns as much as 80 percent of the digital revenues generated in their industries. Ascending to that elite group is far from easy. In a new survey of more than 1,700 C-suite executives, we learned that the average digital transformation—an effort to enable existing business models by integrating advanced technologies—stands a 45 percent chance of delivering less profit than expected. The likelihood of surpassing profit expectations, on average, is just one in ten. The good news is that executives can decisively increase the chance that a transformation focused on digital enablement will beat performance expectations. (For more of McKinsey’s research on the success factors in broad business transformations, see “Why your next transformation should be ‘all in’” and “The numbers behind successful transformations.”) Our latest research shows that exceptionally effective digital transformations are distinguished mostly by the practices that executives choose to follow.”

The article: Digital transformation: Improving the odds of success


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