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Sep 30 2019 < 1

Digital transformation: 11 emerging lessons

“Is digital transformation giving way to digital malaise within your organization? In late 2019, a McKinsey survey found that just 16 percent of respondents said their organizations’ digital transformation had successfully improved performance in a sustainable way. Another 7 percent said that performance improved – but only for a time. The continuing drumbeat of “change or die” can certainly get old, particularly if the results are less than satisfactory. “We’re entering a world of digital transformation fatigue because of the failure rate and the exorbitant amounts of money that disappear into the digital transformation black hole,” says Ankur Laroia, managing director of BDO’s Houston office and leader of its Digital Transformation Services practice.

If you are stuck with you DX initiative, you may find this article a good source of information about how to revive the project. The author provides 11 valuable recommendations to consider.

The article: Digital transformation: 11 emerging lessons


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