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Apr 14 2019 < 1

Digital innovation: Creating the utility of the future

“The power and utilities sector was traditionally where many parents or grandparents parked their savings as they got older, attracted by low volatility and stable returns. While solid and dependable, the sector wasn’t generally considered cutting-edge, innovative, or exciting by any stretch of the word. Its main goal was to keep the lights on without breaking the bank. Fast forward to today and, while still laser-focused on reliability and affordability, the power and utilities sector appears to be morphing into an increasingly attractive, high-tech magnet for a multitude of new players. From large conglomerates in the technology, retail, oil, and other sectors to asset managers and hot new tech startups, a lot of outsiders are looking to enter this market.”

A great insight into the Digital Transformation of the power and utilities sector. Relevant digital trends discussed in detail. Customer and Employee aspects analysed. A recommended read!

The article: Digital innovation: Creating the utility of the future


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