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Sep 2 2019 < 1

Decoding digital transformation in construction

“After spending five years and countless sums on trialing new software platforms and ways of working, the executive team at a large contractor was nearly ready to call an end to its digital-transformation program. Dozens of attempts to streamline projects with digital solutions, such as 5D BIM, had failed to deliver. A few had succeeded in the pilot phase, but the company had struggled to apply those solutions at scale. Site and office workers grumbled about having to adopt yet more new technologies—before abandoning them and returning to their old ways of working. Overall, projects hit delays and ran over budget as frequently as before, and productivity had barely budged upward.

A valuable insight into the digital transformation best practice for engineering and construction industry. McKinsey authors present challenging characteristics of the construction industry and five DX practices as the recommended path to the digital success.

The article: Decoding digital transformation in construction


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