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Data governance roles and responsibilities: What’s needed

“Compromised data can create problems across the enterprise, undermining business processes, raising regulatory and compliance concerns and generating adverse publicity. Inconsistent data can have a similar impact, hampering day-to-day operations and analytics efforts. Data management and protection efforts must be equally broad, with data governance roles that span the organization and are overseen by strong leadership.

“Data governance efforts must be a cross-functional, centralized effort, not a set of standalone projects that take place across the enterprise,” said Yasmeen Ahmad, vice president of global business analytics at data platform vendor Teradata.

As part of data governance programs, organizations need to craft policies and procedures that consider legal issues, requirements around speed to market, data security imperatives, platform and tooling needs, and more. These programs are a team effort, headed up by a data governance council and involving input from not only data managers and data stewards, but also business leaders and regular business users.”

The article: Data governance roles and responsibilities: What’s needed


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